It all began the 13th of May in 2012 when my roommate asked me to take some pictures of her. I was so proud of my camera that I just bought, that I wanted to try it. We decided to open a cheap bottle of wine in the middle of the night, after a couple of drinksshe gave me "carte blanche" so I decided to go nude. I remember putting the Knife on extra loud, laughing, smoking, dancing, getting tipsy while taking some snapshots. That day remembered me of my favorite movie of all time

The Dreamers.




A personal concept about nudity, youth, intimity, mysterious, innocent, emotional and vulnerable. A lot of my work can be find on my tumblr dreamersbymichael.


Where do you find your models?

Most of the models aren't even real models but just friends, people I know from facebook or school, friends of friends, people I met at a party or people that find me on Internet and volunteer to model for my concept.



What is the most challenging part of working with young inexperienced models? Do you find that you have to talk a lot?

The shoot is mostly at the model's house/room. It's more comfortable when they are familiar with the location. Music is also a pretty important thing, let them play their own music. The talking part isn't a problem, because I'm a very social person.

Your photos have a lot of nudity and you don't show a lot of genitals. Is there a specific reason?

I like to keep some things a bit mysterious.



Is there a particular type of personality in a model that you prefer to work with (putting aside their appearance)

I prefer natural pretty faces and weird people.


Why only Boys/Men & why skinny Boys/Men?

I do take pictures of girls inspired by my concept, but not fully nude. Nude Photography is probably 70 percent of females. Same with muscular men.. typical (gay) shots of their body taken by an old fat photographer. I prefer skinny or normal guys.



How do you convince your models to get out of their clothes? I know you barely see something, but posing naked is quite something, no?

I guess I just got some luck finding open-minded people.

Why the name "Dreamers"?

Watch the movie 'The Dreamers' and you'll know why.


"Michaël Descendre transforms disarming simple scenes into fascinating images. And he does so without any apparent effort. His photoconcept "Dreamers" displays a number of contemplating youngsters - mostly without any embellishing - looking out of the window, daydreaming on their bed of gazing at an invisible object. The absence of obvious emotional expression, in addition to the neutral yet very stylish environment in which Michaël places his models, allows the viewer to give his own content to the image and to fill in the dream. The photographer created an extra dimension with this wonderfull artistic series filled with everyday beauty. A pure world of and for dreamers."

 - Björn Van Driessche Photographer